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Need a Custom Website?

Have pzign design your website! Pzign can design you a custom website. It’s an inexpensive way to start promoting you or your business. For more information contact me.

Exclusions: This offer does not include advanced scripting, banner or ad creation, animation, flash, or other forms of advanced webdesign.

TND Tax Code

[http://www.tndtaxcode.com] Is a site for the To’Nanees’Dizi chapter of the Navajo Nation to be able to provide local citizens with tax documents.

Reel Line Productions

Reel Line Productions is a company that provides online video marketing for authors and publishers.  The videos [either dramatizations of the book or interviews with the books author] are uploaded on to the Reel Line Productions website as well as other viral video websites like YouTube, Google Video and others.

Reel Line Productions

Romp Around Inflatables

[http://romparoundinflatables.com/index.php] Provides inflatable attractions for parties, fairs, carnivals and other events where they want kids to have A LOT of fun.

Sit and Dance for Seniors

Sit and Dance for seniors is a provider of exercise/fitness DVD’s specially created for Seniors.  These videos are great for seniors who lack mobility because it allows them to exercise while sitting in a chair.  This website is colorful and bright emphasizing the contrast between blue, orange, and yellow. It was meant to be simple and easy to read and navigate.

Sit and Dance for Seniors

My CTR Ring

I’ve created a lot of graphics that would make good clip art as well as many little puzzles and things of that sort for various primary classes I have taught. I wanted to let other people use those items and created www.myctrring.com as a medium for distributing them.

Utah Idaho Supply / Map World

Utah Idaho Supply / Map World is a retailers that specializes in Educational Supplies, School Supplies, Teaching Aids, Art Supplies, Office Supplies, Maps, and Globes.  They have quite a diverse line of products.  This site was created with the intent of partitioning the major product categories on the home page, as well as providing customers with an easy to navigate ecommerce home page.

Utah Idaho Supply / Map World

Linking Seniors

Linking Seniors is a site that was created to list service providers for Senior Citizens.  It is a simple site, but has a very nice interactive map of the US on the home page which is made out of Flash.

Linking Seniors

To’Nanees’Dizi Dine” Fair

The To’Nanees’Dizi Dine’ Fair is the summer fair for the Wester Navajo State of the Navajo Nation.  The fair takes place in Tuba City and last for about 4 days.  There are a ton of events, including Pow Wow’s, Rodeo’s, Muscle Cars, Concerts, Theme Days and so much more.

To'Nanees'Dizi Dine' Fair

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